QT Matrix Practicum 

If you have gotten this far that means!!!

Oh my gosh you did it!

You have completed Level 1 and are ready to get started on your

Level 2 Full Practitioner Training!

I know how badly you are itching to get 

on with helping people experience wholeness through the

QT Matrix™ PTSD & Trauma Resolution System!



So here's how this is going to work! 


  • You will be completely supported as you move into real time clients!

    You will be responsible for taking 6 clients through the 90 day QT Matrix™ System for PTSD and Trauma Resolution 

    • You will have access to Cherie daily through Voxer
    • All level 2 practitioners have access to a bi weekly trainings followed by Q&A
    • You will be expected to have each client fill out the assessment survey... day 1, 6 weeks, last session
    • Each client will sign the teaching wavier giving their permission to be videoed. ( video only will be used for teaching purposes)
    • Each clients video will be deposited into a portal and then into a folder labeled with a first name (real or fictitious is no concern) accompanied by a little write up. Your experiences in the session and the outcome for the client followed by what you were bumping up against
  • QT Matrix will be holding Level 2 certification workshops quarterly

    All level 2 practitioners in completion of the previously described criteria with a thumbs up we will gather for a hands on 2 day workshop and training culminating in you receiving your Full Practitioners Certificate!


Lets Get Started

"A world free from suffering is a world at rest... Only then can we know Peace."

As a lifelong Researcher of Trauma and the debilitating effects of PTSD, Cherie has developed, tested and proven the deep lasting change incurred through the QT Matrix  Process. She has dedicated her life to finding freedom first for herSelf and then for others trapped in the cycles of trauma and PTSD.


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