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I am so Excited for You and Your life as MOM!

This Is Cherie and it is my passion to offer you support as you navigate becoming a Mother! For some the want to create Home in a new and different way is overpowering as we embark on life as a MOM! The fear can usurp the joy and excitement we should be experiencing. Or maybe we feel alone without a MOM to guide us though. Maybe our example of what being a MOM even means is being called into question.

You aren't alone any more!

I want to walk with you through pregnancy, birth and through the integration of this new little magical being into your life. 

  • Your Not Alone

    You have Cherie for 1  whole year! How exciting is that. For one whole year through pregnancy, birth and the integration of new baby into your home! 

  • Out with the Old In with the New!

    Utilizing Cherie's own QT Matrix™ Process for resolving PTSD and dissociation... the lingering results of past traumas. We spend this time in preparation. Turning our awareness inward we break the cycle and unhealthy patters and release the residual emotional baggage. Leaving you feeling ALIVE! And the cool thing is the work you do clears those cycles forward leaving baby FREE! We want this baby to enter life with a clean slate. No old worn out patterns for her.

  • Learn to Stand in the Magic of MOM Energy!

     You will gain the confidence to use your voice and what ever is necessary to keep your baby safe. You will learn to access the power on a daily basis of a momma bear. Nothing will get past you... all while allowing your little God or Goddess to become whom they came here to be!

  • I want to be there for YOU and your new family!

    Cherie brings her entire tool chest to this adventure as she walks with you through pregnancy with weekly zoom sessions, she brings her experience as a medical-emotional intuitive and energy worker, together with her years of coaching experience to your birth, and with her years of mothering she will help you get settled in with your new little love. We will finish out the year with weekly zoom calls to help you create healthy habits and strategies as baby grows. Psst... We are striving to create a happy family so dad is always welcome. Cherie makes herself completely available with additional crisis calls when needed on top of the VOXER, text and email support. Her response is as immediate as possible.

  • And Yes She brings her Magic and Wisdom to your Birth

    Yep She will come to you and be with you through the birth creating a safe container for you to be completely present. She will do her best to make sure that you get the birthing experience that you have hoped for. Not only that she will help you get settled into your new life at home.

Life on this planet is going to change with
Healthy, Happy, Heart Centered MOMS!
Look around ladies... We've birthed everyone here!


This has been my journey and oh how I wished I had someone that I could trust and was there just for me. Stepping into motherhood is a very vulnerable time. For me that was the time when all of the flashbacks started. It became imperative to know and understand where I had been so that I did not allow any of it to be repeated for my children.


Breaking these cycles now, frees your children before they get here. 100 years is a long time to live in suffering. Don't you agree!


Your kids deserve to see you laughing. They deserve to grow up in a family that has their highest and best as a top priority. They deserve YOU! 


On one of my trips I encountered a shaman. I was in Baltimore visiting my daughter planning her wedding! We decided to take a break and go for a hike. As we pull into the park... It was beautiful the road followed a small river. Standing at the mouth of the swinging bridge on the other side there he was... fully dressed. I was enthralled and walked to the bank but decided I was here for my daughter. When we came back, there he was leaning against the car... Waiting!


He said I've been waiting for you. He guides me away from my girls. When we are out of ear shot he pressed a coin in my hand as he started to speak. He says this is where it all began for you! It was a Sacagawea silver dollar. He spoke about the violence, the abuse and the drinking she endured. He spoke about the role of woman in the order of things. He declared man will respect woman when woman respects woman. When woman takes responsibility as the creator of life. All life. Even man. 


Every man, woman and child has had a mother. She is the balance. All life comes through her. It is our lineage that is carried forward. 


We have birthed EVERYONE here!


So we can turn our awareness inward and heal! When we are in wholeness they are in wholeness.


To walk through you through this mystical time would be my honor to help you find your way into MOM ENERGY!

cherie and Melanie doula

My time with Cherie as my doula was eye opening and calming. I learned things about myself and who I am as a mother in an atmosphere that helped me see that strength and grab ahold of it. I spent different parts of my third pregnancy worried and afraid. Having dealt with extreme postpartum/postpartum psychosis with my first two children, I was fearful that this baby and I would have the same fate. Much of my boys’ early moments are a blur to me in memory and I knew I did not want that with this baby. I wanted to be present and whole for both of us. Having the opportunity to work with Cherie the year prior in her trauma therapy, I was given the opportunity through my pregnancy to see how far I had come. I not only did not have any sign of postpartum depression but I was also able to have the drug free/spiritual birth I wanted. She was the calm voice in the storm at many points, especially in the hospital when they realized my daughter was going to have breathing problems just before she arrived and I began to panic. Cherie was able to get my attention and help me refocus on what was most important and channel that energy and focus. When my baby was laying transverse at 38 weeks and a C-section was being pushed for by my doctors, Cherie was over at my house every night for several days reworking energy and helping me connect with my baby to help her get head down. By my next appointment she was head down and engaged getting ready for her birth. Further complications arose when my pregnancy went past 41 weeks and induction was being heavily talked about by the doctors. Cherie knew my expectations and hopes for this baby and her arrival and that an induction was not what I wanted after enduring it twice before. She continued to come over in the evenings and help me work energy and try to get the process moving naturally. We were successful. Because I had been induced early both times before, I had no idea what to expect doing it completely natural. I knew that a home birth wasn’t something I felt comfortable doing, but I wanted as hands off by modern medicine as possible. She brought with her, her strength and knowledge and ever-calming energy that saw me through those uncertain 9 months and 13 hours. She was with me the time at the hospital afterward delivery and even once we went home. She continued to support me with whatever I needed to heal. Having my daughter was a completely different experience than with my boys. My daughter and I were and are healthy and bonded deeply. None of this would have been possible after my years of exposure to childhood trauma without walking through the healing process and having Cherie by my side to support me in welcoming this brand new life.

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