QT Matrix™ 

Level 1 Practitioners Training

 Heal the Healer 

The Heal the Healer Program
is specifically designed to guide you through the process of bringing you into a Whole & Healthy state of Self while you are gaining access to Cherie's unique insight into the
Quantum Mechanics of Trauma
and Why some of us don't just get over it! 
The QT Matrix™ Methodology works to dissolve PTSD... the traumatic loops... Wholistically! 
We are working through all realms of existence at once. 
Physically, Emotionally, Behaviorally, Mentally and Spiritually
Creating an ACTIVATION in all areas of life and sets you and all you serve on the road to using your trauma as a springboard to your Super Powers!

Join Cherie and the growing community of healers and teachers, change-agents and other conscious individuals just like you, choosing to live in Conscious Wholeness. 


​QT Matrix™ Level 1 Practitioners Training will be held on line through zoom.


  • 12 Class sessions: 12 individual 1/1 sessions culminating in a 2 day live/in person/ workshop

    Session schedule is subject to change.

    We will meet Saturdays at 10:00 am central and  you will be provided with a link to schedule your 12 personal sessions at your convenience. With integrity and wholeness we spread integrity and wholeness. This is a unique time of growth and development, so hop in!  This is the final time that Level 1 will be offered this way.

  • The course work takes us deep inside the Quantum Mechanics of trauma.

    You will gain a deep understanding of the many layers of healing to bring one into wholeness

    • You will learn to create quick trusting rapport with people
    • We will dive into the basic understandings of how trauma affects the energy systems while understanding the energy system in a tangible... actionable way
    • We will explore how to easily and swiftly support a persons physical and energy systems as they go through this huge molecular shifts
    • You will learn to track the words movement and cycles 
    • You will learn to travel and to guide people to jump quickly and easily at will
    • You will learn to detect fragmentation and cycles swiftly following the most direct route to resolution
    • We will explore the similarities between dissociation, astral projection and quantum jumping
    • You will gain a deep understanding of the psyche of childhood sexual trauma
    • We will compare PTSD, Highly Sensitivity, dissociation and the Spiritual gifts
    • You will understand how to create balance and rewrite the programing crafting resolution between the adult and early programming 
    • You will understand the affects of trauma on the water molecule and the necessity for a shift
    • You will learn how to shift word and action from destruction to growth
    • We will explore the why, when and how to create the Fuzion Vortex™
    • You will discover wholeness for yourself and for you clients in a whole new way
    • You will learn how to hold balance energetically and how to stay unaffected by the suffering of others through our exploration of empathy
    • You will gain access to the online training hub for additional resources
    • You will move into integrity and wholeness in your personal life anding a level of resilience and objectivity in your work
    • We will explore the opposition to food experienced by many survivors/ using food as medicine/
  • Each week we will look deeply into video processes individually and collectively of mother and daughter as they swiftly untangle generational incest and molestation.

    These sessions are broken apart bit by bit so that you can witness the process from the outside looking in.We will have the opportunity to stop and start addressing any questions as they arise.


Lets Get Started

"A world free from suffering is a world at rest... Peace."

As a lifelong Researcher of Trauma and the debilitating effects of PTSD, Cherie has developed, tested and proven the deep lasting change incurred through the QT Matrix  Process. She has dedicated her life to finding freedom first for herSelf and then for others trapped in the cycles of trauma and PTSD.


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