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The Quantum Activation Exercise Trilogy

You not only get the Exercise Trilogy!

I recorded 2 Bonus modules to give you a little extra boost!

All for the prelaunch price 57.00

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The Quantum Activation Exercise Trilogy

This exercise trilogy will give you a strong foundation to begin your exploration into why you chose to be here right here right now.


You are a Superpower tangled up in the past knowing full well that you are here for something BIG and something Real. Really important! Only YOU can do it!


I am so passionate about you getting on purpose with your mission of importance I am throwing in 2 Bonus modules! So that is 5 modules in all!.


We need you! Right here! Right now. You are not ill. You are not Crazy. You just have to Remember what you already know and understand what your already doing.

  • Am I in my Body?

    We are going to dive into what happens when we dissociate. We are going to understand the innate brilliance that goes into being able to do so... if we can turn reaction into action... then we can take control and FLY! Maybe what we thought was our disfunction is really one of our Super Powers!



  • Module 


    Connecting The Sacred Wisdom Circuit

    This ancient circuit has been turned off for far too long. This circuit in tact has us tapped into the knowingness that rises up from our bellies, the love that lies in our heart and the information coming through the trilogy in our heads... You are Brilliant. You are in the world and not of it. Remember!

  • Depersonalizing E-Motion

    This exercise is going to teach you how to create space between you and the alert your E-Motion detectors are shining a light on. This will give you the opportunity to act versus react! 



  • Bonus


    Who am I? What am I?

    And why am I here?

    In this BONUS Module we are going to take a look at these age old questions in a new and different way. With understanding around what you are The Who am I becomes clear. I am a spiritual being who has chosen to walk the earth as a HUMAN with purpose and with a mission.

  • woman embedding the ocean

    So lets put it all together in this mind altering visualization!

    To be in the world and not of it! Thats the object of the game. To walk the earth unaffected by its perils pulling all of the power that you can access down to this planet bringing in the necessary change. I am a warrior in this fight for right-mindedness. Balance and Justice for the all that occupy the earth.



We didn't come with a Guidebook!

It is imperative for us as creators to gain an understanding of who we really are and what we are capable of. This series will connect you back into you! Your inner wisdom! While giving you a baseline for how to utilize this amazing system that is you!

Activate YOUR SuperPowers!


Unlock my access 

The Quantum Activation Exercise Trilogy!

You not only get the Quantum Exercise Trilogy 


You get:  2 Bonus Modules

This course will not only bring us together in these uncertain times but will teach you, step by step, how to turn your trauma into your Super Power!


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I am so happy to have the privilege to have worked with Cherie! She is amazing! The world is a better place. She is kind and caring! I am way different! Way better!


Mother and Teacher

I feel like everyday the things you helped me learn and integrate
take me to making that next right choice vs looping in my head stuck in the past or overthinking choices now or for my future



Cherie has helped me when no one or nothing else could. I don’t know how to describe an interaction with an Angel, because that is what she is. She can see into your heart and give you the right dose of understanding; humility, courage, help or healing that is needed in the moment.

Andy Pente


Who Am I

Hi I'm Cherie! 

I have been a lifelong researcher of trauma. My personal experience of childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse allowed me to develop unique processes to shift mySelf and others to JOY quickly. I was influenced at an early age watching my grandmother's passionate work in the lives of 52 foster children.


In my search for freedom from pain, I found my voice!


I am an advocate for traumatized women and children, a healer, an intuitive, an author and the founder of Quantum Therapeutix™, a proven approach to resolving PTSD and the lingering effects of past traumas while connecting YOU into your unique superpowers!


I am passionate about giving YOU the shortcut to freedom!


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