Today I Choose

 Audio Program

Calls YOU to Come Out and Play!

7 minute mind altering audios for turning life that resembles

pinball game into a nice orderly game of chess!

YOU get to decide who YOU want to be!

What is acceptable for YOU today in this moment?

Today YOU get to decide!

Get up and move allow your body to wiggle these new thoughts into every fiber of your being!

These 7 minute mind altering audios will take you on a journey of discovery. They are intended to have you up moving... dancing.


Feel them in your body.

Allow your body to come ALIVE!


Get Up and Move


In the beginning you may feel resistance in your body. If so work with each audio until your body is moving in flow with the music. All resistance has dissipated from your body...


Then we move on to the next in the progression.


Those of us that are walking out of childhood trauma... 


  • We have to learn what we like.
  • What we want.
  • What is acceptable to us.
  • And ultimately who we want to be!


Each progressive audio bundle ( level 1 - 3) is designed to strengthen your ability to choose. 


So play with each 7 minute Today I Choose audio until your body is  comfortable around the words. Some may take 1 week some may take three. Stay with it and have fun.


None of this got into your body sitting still. Right?

So we aren't going to move it sitting still.


Get up and move!


And create change and clarity at the same time!


Stay with it and have fun.


I can't wait to hear what YOUR amazing results are!


So What Do You Get?

Get all 3 Modules 

Thats 17 mind altering audios for this special low price!

down from 


to only



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