QT Matrix!

Individualized 2 day Intensive


Are you ready to take out the garbage?

And this time for good? 


This weekend in the QT Matrix™ will ACTIVATE you in ways you can't even imagine. I know, as was with mySelf, you have been to so many doctors, therapists and possibly even healers and nothing seems to stick. The thing is, this does, and it does because you do it. It is your amazing magic and knowingness that finds the pieces that change everything! 

What will these 2 days do for me?

Your life will forever be different after two days of being immersed in the QT Matrix™. We will be taking to the curb all of the garbage in the way of you being whole and successful... in what ever you choose!We will be stretching your mind to explore what life could look like if you weren't in crisis constantly. This weekend will empower you to know and voice your needs and to claim your wants.


This is your life... Isn't it time to start living...

For Real?


My passion is for you is to create an ACTIVATION that spreads through every corner of your lives. We work through all 6 systems at once.


Behavioral, Emotional, Physical, Mental, Energetic, and Spiritually.


And its real because in that sweet spot where science and spirit meet... the outcome is duplicatable.


These two days are all about you!

We build and grow from what you are already doing

Utilizing Cherie's own QT Matrix™ process you will experience true Freedom. We will build on your innate abilities to dissociate and retrace your steps through time. Rescuing the fragments of you throughout time and reuniting them with your life force here today utilizing the QT Matrix™ own Fuzion Vortex™ building strength and resilience and wholeness...  A measurable something different with each Quantum Jump! And the cool thing is you already know how to do it! 

We take out the garbage that is holding you back

As we release those trapped frozen fragments of time we can begin to slip gently into clarity. The haunting, the isolation, the trapped frozen stuck feelings fall away to blankness. A Blank canvas that you get to choose what comes next. Our chaotic crisis filled going nowhere life is freed. The tangled, twisted life with confusing backward looping thoughts turn still and calmness takes its place. Our pinball life becomes an orderly well thought out game of chess... played with playfulness and strategy! We are ACTIVATED! Living life rather than observing...


Anything less is nothing more than another idea!

And we bring you home to fill that space!

Whats on the other side? Peace is on the other side!

  • You will experience improvements in physical health

  • You will dial in on the necessary shifts in behavior

  • You will set goals for your future... one step at a time

  • You will leave free of emotional stress

  • You will gain a deep understanding of your energies

  • Set goals for the future

  • You will experience REAL measurable change and open the door to something totally new and different

  • You will be supported and pampered as we explore who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow

  • You will be feeling Alive and Restored with clear simple secrecies and strategies for navigating tomorrow

My Story

About Me.

Unofficially Cherie’s personal thirst for understanding led her to study meditation and mind science through the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. She was exposed to amazing minds, Deepak Chopra and the late Dr. David Simon, to only name a few. She studied energy medicine, Theta Healing, Ayurveda, Astral Travel, The Sylva Method and Akashic Records, all supporting her innate intuitive and quantum gifts. She followed her inner voice around the world and back opening the door to many synchronistic interactions with shamans and indigenous in the US, Ireland and New Zealand.

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